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GENIUS High IQ Network 

GENIUS is a high IQ network established in 2014 by Iakovos Koukas (WGD Genius Of The Year 2015 for Europe Award Winner, VEDIQ Guild Intellectual Leader Of The Year 2019 Award WinnerGlobal Genius Directory Genius Of The Year 2021 Award Winner, WGR Wisdom of Athena 2022 Award Winner, and PAIQ 2022 World Record IQ 208 SD15). Its name arises from the acronym Global Evolving Network for an Intellectually Upgraded Society. GENIUS High IQ Network is an umbrella organization which is formed with the purpose of supporting the advancement of the global high IQ community and the communication between the members of the participant high IQ societies. It is currently constituted by the following eight high IQ societies:

President & Founder: Iakovos Koukas

Vice President: Dalibor Marincic, MEng

Vice President for Asia: YoungHoon Kim

Vice President for America: Victor Hingsberg

Chief Scientific Consultant: Marios Prodromou

Certificate & Graphics Designer: Dalibor Marincic, MEng

Board Member & Chief Membership Officer: Domagoj Kutle

Board Member, Chief Editor & Chief Media Officer: Daniel Pohl